Terms and Conditions

  1. Contestant must be between the ages of 18 and 25.
  2. Contestant must not have been convicted of any crime.
  3. Contestant must never have, nor will she during her reign pose for any photography, video or film for any other brand without express permission from Anabel Entertainment Limited nor has she ever or is presently involved in any form of employment, which involves partial or complete nudity.
  4. Contestant agrees all decisions of judges at the prel iminary and finals levels are final and irrevocable, and that she shall abide by all regulations at the final competition.
  5. Contestant understand that, if selected a winner in her competition, that for one year, her professional affairs as said winner will be under the sole management of the organizers of Princess Anabel show and/or their l icensees and that she shall not give any written or oral endorsement commercially without the expressed permission of the said Anabel Entertainment Limited.
  6. Contestant further acknowledges that all rights for any appearances, endorsements, speaking engagement, acting role etc, resulting from winning or participating or affil iating with princess anabel show, shall belong exclusively to Anabel Entertainment Limited.
  7. Contestant will permit the organizers: Anabel Entertainment Limited and/or their l icensees to televise l ive or by use of film, audio/video tape, any portion or all of the competition, including still images, mock-ups, video, audio etc.
  8. Contestant if selected agrees to make herself available in camp for the duration of the camping for the event.
  9. Contestant agrees to assist with the demonstration of prizes or product brand associated with either as sponsors, supporter for promotional considerations offered in connection with the products.
  10. Contestant agrees to perform in connection with the promotion, presentation and/or television in any commercial, which may be util ized and broadcast in regards to the said same.
  11. Contestant agrees that she will act in such a manner, consistent at all times, with the utmost poise and high personal standards, and at all times, refrain from any act, deemed detrimental or disrespectful to the Princess Anabel system, including to its sponsors and l icensees.
  12. Contestant agrees that the organizers; Anabel Entertainment Limited shall not be accountable for prizes or other awards or benefit promised by sponsors if sponsors are unable to provide or decl ine to provide said prizes, award and/or benefits.
  13. All contestants that are selected to the finals will undergo medical tests.
  14. Contestant agrees to allow her pictures, images, video, etc to be used by organizers to promote as well as to relay the event on broadcast networks around the world.